Sunday, May 16, 2004

Honest Question

Put aside all questions of whether or not the Palestinian cause is just, whether or not they have been ill-served by their leaders, or whether or not it's their "fault," and answer me this question.

Do you think this little boy will grow up to like the Israelis? Or will he grow up to hate them? What about the boy's father? Mother? Older siblings?

I would ask Hamas and Hezbollah what an Israeli father who sent his daughter to school and never saw her again would think about Palestinians, too.

After perusing some of the warbloggers, curious of their reaction to the Nick Berg situation, and reading the invective-laden calls to "nuke" Iraq and whatnot, it's clear to me that violence only nurtures more violence. If fanatics on one side do something terrible, fanatics on the other side can't help, in their weasely little hearts, but to want to top that.

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