Sunday, November 25, 2007

No, no it isn't.

So Jill at Feministe posted this video.

This portrayal, which is only a slight minor exaggeration of my mother and several other women I'm related to, was described by a Feministe commenter as a "minstrel show."

This is a minstrel show.

It doesn't seem to compare.

You are not a feminist.

Some people just seriously mystify me and weird me out.

Case in point. If you claim to be some sort of anti-pornography radical feminist, that you want to free women from sexual slavery, and yet constantly refer to those same women as "moist pussies," "men's whores," "fucktoys-for-hire," "hawt nekkid chix," or "cum-hungry bi-sexee hoes," then I seriously doubt your motives.

Because if I were a sex slave, an unwilling prostitute, and if I heard someone constantly, obsessively using those terms, I wouldn't feel like that person respected me or wanted to help me or wanted to do anything but use me as an example of what's wrong with the world. And I'd probably be right.

Not to mention what I'd feel if I were a regular-old sexworker, just doing her job, and had my words used by this person, against my will and out of context.

The person making these statements is not a feminist. They are a self-righteous, holier-than-thou asshole. They belong more with this organization than with any sort of feminism, radical or otherwise.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Where has this song been my entire life?

Skippy saves my mortal soul by introducing this song to me. This is the greatest song ever. Why the hell have I not heard it before?

Oh, and happy thanksgiving, blah blah blah. One of the benefits of having divorced parents is that they try to outcompete each other in creating a better holiday experience for you. So today I get to go to two thanksgivings. Woot! Leftovers for ages!!

Happy times are here again...

My painful infected tooth? Removed. Thanks, Dad!

My broke-ass self? Employed.

My huge presentation on media representations of genocide? Done.

My huge research paper of Shakespeare's subversion of Elizabethan gender roles? Done.


I envy your clear-eyed gaze...

Dedicated to R.Mildred, Belledame, and Kactus.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monday, November 05, 2007

YouTubing, the "Wow. Parenting is actually really nice," version.

So, have I mentioned I have a toothache? Or, as I believe I put it earlier, tiny invisible pain faeries are driving red-hot nails of sadness into my maxilla with the hopes of making my sinuses explode.

I spent the day at school whimpering quietly to myself, then went home and moaned on the couch while the kid took her nap. I've probably turned my liver to pudding with all the alleve I've taken today.

But when the kid woke up and it was time to play, I put on a brave face so as to not freak her out.

Actually, I put on her favorite YouTube videos and danced around with her like an idiot. And I'll be damned, but it worked better than a bottle full of Wal-profin at easing the throbbing pain in my face.

Here's our typical YouTube retinue of the moment, in case anyone else out there has a toothache.

Enjoy. And if you happen to be a charitable dentist in Albuquerque with some time to kill and you've already made enough money for they year, please, send me an email.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Interesting. But not surprising.

I came across this video while looking for something else during a 2 a.m. procrastination-fueled half-ass internet research session. It's a video showing an experiment with male reactions to images of particular women. Thought I'd share.

My favorite part: "She's being, uh, suppressed, because that's not sexy."

Yeah. Because our only two choices are "uh, suppressed," and "sexy." Not to mention the thought isn't even entertained that the woman pictured might dress that way because, you know, she decided to.

As usual, people who are doing things differently from ourselves are seen as unthinking, coerced, or oppressed. Because if they were really free to choose, surely they'd be doing the same thing we do.

Count me out. Now I'm going to bed.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Really quite busy

I'm working on a big project (which, incidentally, kind of stems from my general dissatisfaction with blogging recently) for my Human Rights class in school.

I'll either do some posts incorporating some information about it, or, I'll be too busy to breathe, let alone blog. So expect either a cool big post in the next few days, or a whole lot of nothing.