Friday, November 02, 2007

Interesting. But not surprising.

I came across this video while looking for something else during a 2 a.m. procrastination-fueled half-ass internet research session. It's a video showing an experiment with male reactions to images of particular women. Thought I'd share.

My favorite part: "She's being, uh, suppressed, because that's not sexy."

Yeah. Because our only two choices are "uh, suppressed," and "sexy." Not to mention the thought isn't even entertained that the woman pictured might dress that way because, you know, she decided to.

As usual, people who are doing things differently from ourselves are seen as unthinking, coerced, or oppressed. Because if they were really free to choose, surely they'd be doing the same thing we do.

Count me out. Now I'm going to bed.


DaisyDeadhead said...

I would have liked it more if MEN were not singing the song at the end, but like, a girl group. :)

Certainly, the idea that covered-women are more oppressed than mini-skirted women is (for lack of a better term) low-consciousness. I think it derives from the fact that men think they should have access to viewing all (attractive, young) women, and if they don't, it's an affront to their manhood. For this reason, I think it just pisses them off when you show beautiful women covered up, as in that video. They go ballistic, read some of the blogs...they don't mind the old grandmas so much, but my God, the young women???? It pushes all their privilege buttons.

These men have been TAUGHT that nuns are not for them, so they got used to that one. But whole countries and whole cultures? They consider that a form of denial, so it must be (as the guy in the video said) "demonic"...

Great piece, and thanks!

Vanessa said...

I had the same thought about the song at the end, but it was a woman who made the video and put that song in it, so it lessens that a bit I think.

But yes, I found the "demonic" comment kind of disturbing. Or the "Why?" as though it were a horrible shame he couldn't look at that woman the way he wanted.