Sunday, November 25, 2007

No, no it isn't.

So Jill at Feministe posted this video.

This portrayal, which is only a slight minor exaggeration of my mother and several other women I'm related to, was described by a Feministe commenter as a "minstrel show."

This is a minstrel show.

It doesn't seem to compare.


Lisa Harney said...

There's something that bothers me soooo much about that damned "drag is like a minstrel show" or "a man wearing a dress is like a minstrel show" or "a trans woman is like a minstrel show" garbage that keeps coming up.

I mean, it's more than just the sheer arrogant appropriation of something just for the sake of marking an enemy as an enemy, more than the attempt to reverse the real power relationship by implying that trans women are in a place to oppress cis women, more than the sense of manufactured outrage, but I've been really sucking at getting at the core of what really bothers me.

And I mean, jebus, if they really do want to complain about some kind of gender-based minstrel show, why aren't they complaining about Shirley Q. Liquor who really is a drag queen in blackface?

Vanessa said...

Yeah it's like cis priveledge and white privelidge rolled up into one.

blue milk said...

Very good point.