Thursday, October 26, 2006

I was going to cross-post

But I'm too lazy. I promise not to neglect the Happy Land too much.

Read my Feministe posts here, here, here, here, and here.

I'll cross-post the next one.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


For the next, well, until Zuzu comes back, I'll be guest posting over at Feministe.

How cool is that! I'm so jazzed they asked me.

So, I may be posting here a little less. I'll try to cross post and will probably be posing personal stuff like memes and baby blogging here.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

8 pictures meme

Via Jack.

First, a kitty.


Next, cute little feeties.

monkey feets

This image...evolution?

zoo 008

Capitalism + Communism = Capicomitalunism


I was reminded of this image (that I grabbed off some website a long time ago) after the hijab debate. I've always found it haunting.


Faux Liberty...very evocative of life in America. (This is the 1/3 sized Statue of Liberty at the New York New York casino in Vegas.)

Fake New York

Viking spears. Yeah Taos Aelthing!

Aelthing 2005

And this is really one thing but it takes 5 pictures to illustrate. Look at this next time some petty drama is getting you down, and realize home much larger and more majestic the universe is than our petty squabbles.

rocky planets

gaseous planets





Okay, so I tag Susan, Jules, elle, and JS MacGruder.

So busy

Will update the pledge drive later. Right now I'm studying my ass off for my huge Anthropology test. Will get back to blog later...

Sunday, October 15, 2006


This is seriously one of the most effective posts I've ever read at a blog ever.

Just hold down the button on your mouse and imagine what each of those numbers streaming by represents.

It really puts things in perspective. It made me want to hug my mother or something.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging

Originally uploaded by plucky punk.
Poor Hubcap has been neglected since the baby was born.

It's hardly his fault. The baby smells better than him, generally.

And I'm done with midterms, yay! Well, except for the Anthropology one that's next week. But I'm trying not to think of that.

I will never live up to my punk potential...

Because I will never go to CBGBs.


A Call To Arms

If you're not already well versed in the travesty that happened to Biting Beaver, click here to read her story and here to read the consequences.

Long story short: an adult woman with several children in a committed relationship was not able to obtain emergency contraception in time (due to some serious backwards actions on the part of several doctors and nurses) and became pregnant against her will. Now she must pay for an abortion she really can't afford.

Reading about this seriously infuriated me, but I was also heartened that pretty much every thread I read about this story on contained information about how to lend Biting Beaver a financial hand.

What they say about tragedy brining out the worst in people *and* the best in people as usual proved true.

(To give to Biting Beaver, click here . Let's help out one of our own.)

But it got me thinking, as all of the feminist blogtopia (y!sctp!), including me once again devolved into an endless debate about "fun." What about the countless women who must have shared Biting Beaver's experiences who *don't* have all of blogtopia behind them?

At the Pandagon thread about this, Amanda linked to this charity, The National Network of Abortion Funds. And of course there's Planned Parenthood. What I'd like to do is to rally the feminist blogtopia around not only Biting Beaver, but around all women needing reproductive care (well, let's not euphemize, needing *abortions*) who can't afford it.

The average cost of an abortion in the United States is 468 dollars. Somewhere, there is a woman in need of this money who doesn't have it.

Let's see if we can get together and raise this amount, either by giving to Biting Beaver, the National Network of Abortion Funds or to Planned Parenthood. Please leave to amount you donated or pledge to donate in the comments (or if you've already donated, leave that amount).

And if you prefer to remain anonymous, that's cool. You can even email me your pledge.

Even if you can only donate a dollar, please do. (I know I've taken to paying bills with credit cards since going back to school and having a baby. I'm so broke I'm broken! So poor I'm po!) And if you can't donate anything, please at least spread the word either on your own blog, or if you don't have one, amongst your friends.

Let's demonstrate that feminist blogtopia is about more than infighting about clothes and shoes and waxing and whatnot. Let's demonstrate what we can do when we unite.

Again, here are the links:

Biting Beaver (and her blog, here.)
The National Network of Abortion Funds
Planned Parenthood

I'll be tallying the amounts as they come in. The first especially generous donation wins a free t-shirt of choice from either the Plucky Shop or the Aelthing Shop.

So that's my call to arms. Let's see what happens.

**update** The lovely John Goff starts us off with 25 dollars total. Just 443 dollars to go!

And Haloscan appears to be down. Nice. If comments aren't working, please just email me your pledge.

**update** Haloscan seems to have calmed down. Good.

Also, please no comments about the pros and cons of abortion. If the need arises, I'll put up a thread where this can be discussed.

And now we're at 45 dollars! 403 dollars to go!

**update** Thanks to everyone (and some anonymous donors) we're a whole *95 dollars* over the mark! Wow, I honestly didn't expect that to happen in a DAY! I'm totally impressed.

And super-thanks to Zvoruna for the first extra-generous donation. She wins a t-shirt.

**UPDATE** I'd like to see if maybe we could hit the target twice. So far it's at 105 over...let's see if it will happen again.

**UPDATE** Now we're at 155! Thank you, anonymous donor!

**UPDATE** We're at 180! Just 288 to go to hit the target TWICE!

**UPDATE** 200! Thanks to a donation from bluemeanie! Just 268 to go!

**UPDATE** Woot! Thanks to you guys we're down to 73 dollars!

(I think I converted pounds to dollars right...70 pounds is 130 dollars?)

**UPDATE** Sorry for the lack of updates, it's been a busy few days.

But now, if I've counted right, we've definitely doubled and reached a total of 1,423 dollars! That's a little over three hypothetical (or really, Biting Beaver's real one and two hypothetical) women we've helped secure the reproductive freedom for.

**UPDTATE** And the final tally (drum roll...) 1,458 dollars! (Barring any stragglers.) Thank you so much everyone for making this happen.

I finally have the time

So I'm done with midterms, and I finished my primate study at the zoo so
I finally have the time to address the issues that came up for me after
Biting Beaver told us all what happened to her.

But I can only blog from the sidekick while at work, and can't post any
links so y'all will have to wait until I get home.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

3 months

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I'm not studying for my biology test...again.

I have to pump so there will be breastmilk for tomorrow while I'm in class and working.

The baby is sleeping in my lap, having just awoke wanting to be fed right when I was going to start pumping.

I'm so tired.

Monday, October 09, 2006

It's Columbus Day

And from here you can hear all the Native Americans going "woo-freaking-hoo."

But it's not too late to buy a special ceremonial T-shirt.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


So I have an idea, inspired by Biting Beaver's unfortunate experience. I liked the idea of her getting money for each troll she got, but I wouldn't want her to have to sift through those comments again, and I don't want to stick my nose too far into her business. There's been information posted on Majikthise, Pandagon, and a couple of other places on how to send her a bit of financial help if needed.

But I think I'd still like to do something, maybe something a bit more general. I'll post about it by the end of the week, as I'd like to do this well and I'm busy with midterms until Fall Break starts Thursday.

But seriously, the shit's on.

My objection

I made these points on a thread at Feministe, but it's languishing in moderation, and I think this is the point that nobody gets in all this feminist sexwar crap so I'm posting it here, reworded slightly for clarity. And spell-checked!

Since ginmar violated the cease-fire, let me explain what really bothers me about 'examine your life choices,'? especially coming from someone with the opposite choices of mine.

What is the goal of the examination supposed to be? What conclusion am I supposed to come to? When certain matriarchs of feminist blogtopia say that marriage, fashion, beauty, and several other things that I indulge in are things I do without any possible autonomous choice in the matter, and these are things that she does not do, how am I supposed to feel about myself?

If I'm not being shamed please explain to me why not. Because I don't get it.

But most importantly, it'?s a moot point because it doesn'?t matter how you dress, or what shoes you wear, or if you get married or only buy big black effective toolkits or remain childfree for life or whatever. Because the patriarchy is going to oppress you anyway. You can't save yourself by not buying Vogue, or by shaming the women who do buy Vogue.

For evidence, see Biting Beaver's situation.

So all this harping on women like me who got married to a man and had a baby and indulge in fashion is totally pointless. To paraphrase Noelle in comments, dress however your comfortable (and I am dressed comfortably, thank you. My body size and shape means I'm more comfortable in skirts and my short calves and flat feet means I'm more comfortable wearing shoes with a heel) and live your life in a way that exploits the least amount of people possible while fighting for change in things that matter. Like, for instance, improving access to emergency contraception and abortion, or working for higher pay, or better education, or better child care, or getting universal health care, or working to stop domestic violence or whatever.

These issues affect all women, no matter what color their tool kits are.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's asskicking time.

So I'm planning to do something to help Biting Beaver, whose plight you
can read about on the first page of Pandagon right now. (I'm posting
from work on the sidekick so can't put in links.)

More info when I get home from work.

**added** So I'm waiting on some response to make sure I'm not being too intrusive.

In the meanwhile, here's a place to donate to, via Amanda at Pandagon:

The National Network of Abortion Funds


Do women get abused by their husbands when David Bowie wears makeup, too?

Jesus Christ

Apparently, I'm a tool of the patriarchy.

I wear makeup (or at least I used to, back when I had the time), therefore women are abused by their husbands.

No, seriously.

A shout-out to the shouter-outers

If you've put me on your blogroll and I don't have you on mine, please let me know! I try to make it a point to link to everyone who links to me but sometimes I miss things...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

About that template...

It looks all pretty now in IE but not in Firefox. God knows what monstrosity I have on my hands in Netscape.

I have no idea what I'm doing. I got this template from some free template blog. Any suggestions? It looks like this in Firefox but I want it to look like this!

Five Things Feminism Has Done For Me

Zuzu has tagged me to share Five Things Feminism Has Done For Me!

First, let me say it's kind of nice to know others actually read my blog. (And thanks to all the recent commenters, too!)

Second, this is an excellent meme. It made me think about why I actually call myself a feminist. I mean, beyond the obvious. Thinking about what my life would be like without these things was a little frightening and humbling.

I'll try to do this without any is-ought problems. Here goes.

1. I can get an education without joining a convent. This is a big one for me. Curiosity about the world, be it regarding science, history, other cultures, what have you is so intrinsic to my sense of self that I don't know what I'd do without the opportunity to go to university. Likewise, my husband, my family, my daughter, my friends are all of utmost importance. I can't imagine what my life would be like without those relationships. Having Feminism in the world means that I don't have to choose between having a "normal" (to get all heteronormative for a moment) life and scholarship.

2. I can get married and have children without fear. Having Feminism in the world means that I entered into my marriage contract as an equal (well, some would say relatively equal but for the purpose of brevity...) partner with my husband. I can enjoy the good parts of being married without worrying that I won't be able to get to a safe place in a domestic violence situation (not that I'm worried, Brian!), or that my husband will be able to get away with leaving me destitute. Also, I'm free to enjoy a baby, knowing that I can have as few or as many children as I want and that I don't ever have to be pregnant if I don't want to be.

Seriously, my maternal grandmother had 13 babies and 7 miscarriages.

Holy crap. The poor woman must have been constantly pregnant for like 20 years.

Also, I can enjoy being married with a baby without having to worry that I'll have to give up any pursuit I find intellectually fulfilling, be it my education or my career or what have you. And I can be comfortable knowing that if I end up making more money than my husband (which I have, in the past...)it won't be an issue.

3. I can call bullshit when I see it. And be as snarky as I want to be! And it's fun!

For example, with Feminism I have the power to tell my mother that she will not pass her body-issue problems on to my daughter. I won't let it happen. And with Feminism I can tell my father that the Cuban machismo bullshit stops right here, my daughter will not be treated any differently than any of her boy cousins. And I can go all Betty Friedan on my husband until he helps out around the house, god dammit.

Cycles broken, end of story. Feminism lets me put my foot down.

4. I can vote! Honestly, I sometimes have a hard time wrapping my mind around how recent it was that women were given the right to vote. It was only in 1920.

19-freaking-20! Not even 100 years ago! There are women alive today that didn't have the right to vote when they were born!

The Emancipation Proclamation was written 57 years before women were given the right to vote! Hell, what puts it in perspective for me is that movies, projected movies with famous celebrities in them and everything, have been around longer than women have had the right to vote.

Without Feminism (and yes, I'd say it was already Feminism back then,) I would have no voice (well, the small amount of voice the Electoral College gives you, but again, brevity...) in my government. And that really chaps my hide. In fact, it's probably lucky I wasn't born before 1920, because I'm telling you, the Guy Fawkes masks would have been in the mail, that's for damn sure.

5. I can hope (and fear) for my daughter's future. The hoping part is obvious, I guess. I have all these little daydreams about taking my daughter to the zoo and teaching her about taxonomy and cladistics (okay...geek!) or going stargazing and teaching her about astronomy. I dream of her strong and healthy and (of course) a genius with good taste in music and movies. I don't have to frame any of those dreams in terms of her marrying a man or having babies (not that there's anything wrong with that). But when I think of her future I am free to think only of her.

Also, as a quick add to that, I have absolutely no anxiety about her getting married and "giving me" grandchildren, which was a huge pressure I felt from my family (thank you, Cuban machismo...). If she does marry a man, or if she marries a woman (because in the future they will have same-sex marriage. And jetpacks and flying cars.) or if she never gets married or whatever, I don't care.

But what about that 'fear' in there? How is that a positive thing? Well, without the changes Feminism has made, I wouldn't fear things like the South Dakota abortion ban, or the horrible state of sex education in public schools. They'd be par for the course and no big deal. I'm glad that Feminism makes me worry about things sliding down the slippery slope. My daughter will never be a handmaid, nor will her daughter, or her daughter's daughters!

Well, there it is. Now I tag:

John Goff
J.S. Macgruder
and Veronica.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I am in template hell

Currently doing some template tinkering. Will try not to look like this for long...

**UPDATE** Almost done. But I have to go somewhere, so it won't be done until tonight.

Suggestions? Is the text too hard to read? Did I leave off a div tag somewhere? Please let me know.


Apparently Patrica Madrid and Heather Wilson are in a crazy-assed tie.

Cmon, local liberals...let's vote Heather Wilson out!

Patricia Madrid @UNM

Patricia Madrid on campus
Originally uploaded by plucky punk.
So last Thursday my Evolutionary Anthropology class got out early and I happened to come across Patricia Madrid giving a little talk to a small crowd. I paused to snap a few photos with my cameraphone.

Patricia is running for Congress against republican Heather Wilson. Not sure where the polls or anything like that stand, but from the ads Heather Wilson is running saying how independent she is from George Bush and how she voted for stem cell research and everything I kind of think Madrid might be looking good.

Anyway, in her speech to the crowd of young UNM students, and a few older looking people I think might have been UNM employees. She talked mostly about the war and how bad it was for young people, being they're the ones going off to die. She also mentioned how republicans in Congress had voted to increase student loan interest rates, which I hadn't even been aware of.

Mostly I noticed she was talking about how bad republicans are without mentioning anything she'd do differently, but she is a democrat so that's not surprising.

After she was done she came down from the podium and started shaking people's hands. I was curious as to how she stood on abortion and gay marriage, two things that I can see having more and more legal barriers raised against with little protest or fanfare, so when she got to me I asked her.

Now I'm kind of tall, and Patricia Madrid is teeny eensy weensy. So it was a little awkward, me totally towering over this woman. And as I was talking all these photographers surrounded us and I got totally nervous.

She said she was pro-choice (good!) and "against placing any impediments to gay marriage." Which sounds to me very weaselly, like she doesn't want to say same-sex marriage is *okay,* just that she doesn't think it should be illegal. But again, democrat, lesser evil, etc.

So what do I, the 28-year old with unbrushed hair, clothes I haven't had time to wash that probably smell like spit-up, and a 50-lb bag of books on her shoulder making her list seriously to one side, do to the dignified teeny weeny woman with a stylish, yet not *too* stylish suit and haircut gazing up slightly chagrined at my sleep-deprived countenance, after hearing her answer?

I pat her on the shoulder. Kind of like she was a little kid who just said please and thank you. Then, I get completely embarrassed and scurry away, winding up at my next class a full 45 minutes early.

Ugh. I have a problem dealing with semi-famous people.