Thursday, October 19, 2006

8 pictures meme

Via Jack.

First, a kitty.


Next, cute little feeties.

monkey feets

This image...evolution?

zoo 008

Capitalism + Communism = Capicomitalunism


I was reminded of this image (that I grabbed off some website a long time ago) after the hijab debate. I've always found it haunting.


Faux Liberty...very evocative of life in America. (This is the 1/3 sized Statue of Liberty at the New York New York casino in Vegas.)

Fake New York

Viking spears. Yeah Taos Aelthing!

Aelthing 2005

And this is really one thing but it takes 5 pictures to illustrate. Look at this next time some petty drama is getting you down, and realize home much larger and more majestic the universe is than our petty squabbles.

rocky planets

gaseous planets





Okay, so I tag Susan, Jules, elle, and JS MacGruder.

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