Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Better late than...well, no, this still sucks

Aren't you glad the Bush White House has finally called an end to the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?
BAGHDAD, Iraq - The White House on Wednesday said the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (news - web sites) has ended without any evidence of the banned weapons, while guerrillas attacked a joint U.S.-Iraqi convoy in Mosul, killing two Iraqi National Guardsmen.

The Iraq Survey Group, made up of some 1,200 military and intelligence specialists and support staff, spent nearly two years searching military installations, factories and laboratories whose equipment and products might be converted quickly to making weapons.

White House press secretary Scott McClellan said there no longer is an active search for weapons. "There may be a couple, a few people, that are focused on that," but it has largely concluded, he said. "If they have any reports of (weapons of mass destruction) obviously they'll continue to follow up on those reports," McClellan said. "A lot of their mission is focused elsewhere now."
Not only two years, but plenty of cash, resources, and human lives were wasted on this endeavor. Now, even they're admitting the search for WMDs is a waste of time.

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