Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Yay! Movies!

I'm in too much of a good mood today to care about things like how, in this day and age, people are willing to kill each other over what may or may not have happened to a book, (not to mention the fact that poorly documented book abuse is a big story, but well-documented people abuse is nothing to write home about....but I said I wasn't going to care about it today...)!

Let me explain...I bought a new computer!

I mean a new one! Not one made out of the parts of someone's ancient WinME-running eMachine bought for 200 bucks...I mean a new computer! With a box and a warranty and everything!

This is a big deal to me.

Anyway, instead of blogging about important issues that make me angry, I will now proceed to blather about movies I want to see, and the trailers that made me love them.

Starting with...is it totally wrong of me to want to see the roller-skating/coming of age movie starring (formerly Lil') Bow Wow? I don't know, something about how he flings his arms open in joy to the line "a lovely daaaaay!" while rolling along with those giant headphone on makes me happy. Makes me want to roller-boogie, a little.

Eep. Weird spider-dollies are creepy. Odd angry Russian demon boys with glowy red eyes are creepy. Giant flocks of evil black ravens are creepy. Luckily, I like creepy so I can't wait to see Night Watch. That is, if I get to see it. It's one of those "select cities" kind of movies. Albuquerque is not a "select city."

Speaking of creepy little dollies, Tim Burton appears to have another stop-motion animation movie coming out this fall. This, naturally, is cool, and hopefully represents a return to form after several crap-tacular films in the past few years. (Not counting Big Fish, which I kind of liked.)

But the more interesting thing will be to see if Helena Bonham Carter breaks up Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis like she did Tim Burton and Lisa Marie after appearing with them in this movie, and Kenneth Branaugh and Emma Thompson after appearing with him in this movie. Let's hope Johnny can hold on to his virtue.

Then, of course, there's the big one. Wednesday night at midnight baby! Look, I'll say it again, I'm sure it will suck. This is not the point of a latter-day Star Wars movie. Opening night at midnight is the only time to see a latter-day Star Wars movie. Seeing it with a normal, non-fanboy audience removes the carnival, cosplay-like atmosphere and draws attention to the fact that these are actually some of the worst movies you'll ever see.

So, I'll be there at midnight. Maybe with even with a towel.

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