Sunday, November 13, 2005

And I'm back...

Okay, so the cable is finally here (I hate you, Comcast...) and the computer is hooked up. I like the new apartment (more of a townhouse, really) and almost everything is starting to come together.

The cats handled the move quite nicely. My lovely betta, though, has a nasty case of fin rot and is not looking too well. I've gotten him a clean new tank with the hope of saving him, and have dumped about a dozen different types of fishie medicine in his water, so I'm holding out hope. Our nice asparagus fern also spent a week untended to and is not doing so hot either.

I am recovering from a cold myself and dealing with some big news I will devulge later, so am completely exhaused. Brian is being the hero husband and dealing with most of the unpacking stuff. If I were Ed McMahon I'd give him ten million dollars, really.

I'm glad to be back exploring blogtopia (yes, skippy, etc., etc.) and no longer feel like such a Luddite for not having cable in the house. It will probably take me awhile to get back in the swing of things. Will begin posting mightily soon.

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