Sunday, February 11, 2007

You know what's spooky?

Seeing an aged image of your 7 month old baby.

Yes, I'm still playing with that face morphing thing. Original image here.

Abbie can now clap hands on command and is growing two more teeth in her top jaw. But they're not the front ones, they're the ones one over from that, so she looks like she's some sort of gummy baby vampire with little nubby fangs.

Also, incedentally, read this post at The Silver Oak Leaf to understand why I haven't felt like doing the feminist blog thing that much recently. It sums up my feelings pretty well.

Between that and the blogt world A-lister's so-called "Blogroll Amnesty Day," during which many big bloggers culled many medium bloggers from their rolls for no good reason, (and of which skippy has a pretty good take on,) I'm kind of burnt out on blogtopian (y! sctp!) politics. Hope you enjoy a run of fluffy-content free posts until I get my groove back.

(**sounds of chirping crickets**)

Hello? Tap this thing on?

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