Thursday, September 06, 2007


Man, I love the internet! Especially the blogosphere!

It's like, land of the strawman! Home of the straw-ubermench! It's like Mecha-strawman vs. Strawzilla in this place!

Please, can we have yet another stupid blogwar about dumbass shit that affects no one!? Because I really haven't gotten the chance to show off my shiny new privilege yet. Let's spend all our time bitching about sex and puppies while all sorts of bullshit is going down in the real world while we do nothing but spend all our time bitching about sex and puppies. (Oh, don't make me link to the threads. You know where they are.) We're so lucky we have the time to do nothing else.

Oh, but you say, there's no outrage shortage! We can bitch about sex and puppies and still talk about bullshit in the real world! We've just chosen not to!

Yay blogosphere! I mean straw-gosphere! Where everyone is evil and wrong except for you! And by you I mean me! But when you say it you mean you!

And this post is itself a straw-post. Of course it is! Everything is made of straw in the blogosphere! Because anything else wouldn't be as fun!

(Okay, so that was a pretty stupid rant. But next time, when we have a huge blogwar that lots of people who have never even met get all personally invested in, can we make it about something that actually affects the lives of other human beings? And can something good come out of it? Please? I'm getting tired of sounding like a dumbass when I try to explain these things to Brian.)

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bint alshamsa said...

Why do you hate America, Plucky Punk?

*Just thought I'd add my own little piece of straw to the mix*