Friday, February 15, 2008

Only of interest to distant relatives

Okay. A few things.

1. She still takes my glasses off my face. And I'm not a good disciplinarian.
2. Yes, that is an empty case of Rolling Rock.
3. When YouTube compressed the video, it came out really dark and really loud for some reason.
4. I sound like a dude.
5. Abbie is cuter than you.


J. Goff said...

OMG, ABBY! SQUEE!!!!!!!!

"Glasses!" Abby rocks the house.

Sage said...


I went through three pairs of glasses in a year dealing with my little one's obsession.

Daisy said...


Beware, girlfriend, when you get to be MY age, you will be able to sing along with the baritones in the Four Tops and Temptations! :P

(It doesn't bother ME, since I always wanted to do that, but it certainly does shock some people!)

Veronica said...

OMG. *Dies of monkey noises*

Mine just started with the grabby glasses game.

ummyeahguy said...

Awww abbie is such a sweety.

Niloofar said...

i just saw ur blog yesterday , ur such a lovely guy n abbie is so cute

nexy said...

i guess i must be a distant relative. this is priceless :)

and hey, a lot of us sound like dudes. though for some reason, only about half of the 100+ people i talk to on the phone each day think so. the other half think i sound like a woman. go figure.

Vanessa said...

Abbie thanks you all for your lovely comments. Or, she makes more monkey noises. Or thanks you with monkey noises.