Monday, February 02, 2009

Superbowl Ads

I had no dog in the hunt for the Superbowl this year, which I always find kind of liberating because you're free to root for either side and change loyalties if you feel like it. Pretty thrilling game overall.

How about the ads though? Cara at Feministe lists some she hated (the "Talking Flowers" one was so offensive people in the room I was in literally got all quiet and weird for a second).

But here are the ones I liked.

A bit cornball, maybe, but well done. Also, is Pepsi somehow riding the coattails of Obama?

I thought this one was pretty cute, and must admit have had similar daydreamings.

I've had this job.

I've also had this job. In fact, I've screamed in the car in the parking lot just like that.

This one ellicited a cute Abbie response: "Oh no, what are they doing with the soda??!!??"

This one made my dad laugh.

And Alec Baldwin, as usual, brings the hilarity.

You can see them all here. The fact that there was a mixture of horrible, sexist, cute, and moving ads means that at least some advertisers realize that you don't have to appeal to the average male football fan's inner asshole to sell stuff. Not only are there people other than fratboys watching the Superbowl, but a lot of men aren't slaves to said inner asshole.

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