Friday, July 17, 2009

So I'm going to Kauai in August.

My graduation present from my father and stepmother is a trip to the ludicrously beautiful island of Kauai.


Which means I have to buy a bathing suit.


What I really want is this but even Esther Williams thinks I'm too fat to wear it.

Actually strike that. What I would actually feel comfortable in is this, but I don't feel like giving my money to people who think the clothing choices of women serve as "stumbling blocks" to others. I'm considering this paired with these as a substitute, but since I can't afford any of it and am only getting a bathing suit because my sister is making me and my mom said I could put it on her Lane Bryant card, I will have to go with one of these, none of which I like and if I might like a few of them they don't come in my size.

Sigh. I don't *need* a bathing suit, do I? I'm not even a good swimmer.


CrackerLilo said...

How awesome that you got that trip as a gift! Please let yourself enjoy it. This is what body image bullshit does; it keeps you from fully enjoying your life. (Not like I'm not susceptible to it, too.)

Now. A recommendation. Junonia makes awesome plus-size swimsuits, starting at size 14. They're meant for women who actually get in the water and work it, which I *love*. Please to check out their clearance sale swimsuits. The full prices are truly eye-popping, and since you don't swim often, best to start at clearance.

Vanessa said...

Oo thanks! I already see a few I like right on the front page!

Goody said...

Screw it, go find the nude beach ;)

I kind of like that red one at the Peaches site.

Vanessa said...

I ended up going for this Lane Bryant one cause I kind of think I could rock the one shoulder thing.

And since my mom was buying, I also bought this dress. Because if they're going to make me buy clothes I don't want, then I'm going all out, dammit.