Saturday, August 08, 2009

Everyone Listen to the Nice Young Lady

Please, frightened old middle-American conservative white people, understand that Barack Obama does not want to eat your Grandma. Or you. If you're going to act all crazy about patent falsehoods, please do it about something that won't cost my family affordable health care and be a Birther. At least the Birthers are entertaining.


Daver said...

The thing that I think is the ABSOLUTELY worst thing about all this whole this is the socialism crap. Old people - shut the fuck up about socializing health care if you don't want socialized medicine, great! We'll get rid of medicare and medicad. The United States has strong roots in socialism and in capitalis so find a different fucking argument and this town hall meetings are a farce! UGH!

Vanessa said...

I saw one guy at a townhall with a sign "Government hands off my Medicare".

Which, you know, would make me laugh if it weren't so sad. MEDICARE IS A GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE PROGRAM!!!!