Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Why does Hollywood Hate New York?



Vanessa L. said...

hmmm...my question would be more along the lines of "why do Hollywood/Los Angeles and New York City dismiss and belittle Detroit/Ann Arbor/Madison/Green Bay/Pittsburgh/the Midwest in general?????" i am a proud Midwesterner and am really tired of Hollywood/LA and NYC being portrayed as the centers of the universe, when in fact the Midwest has just as much if not more to offer and in any case, is every bit as nice a place to live and visit.

Vanessa said...

Hey, I'm from a state where 90 percent of Americans, upon hearing where I'm from, say, "There's a NEW Mexico?" or "Wow, you speak great English for a Mexican!" or some variation on that theme. So you'll hear no argument from me.

Vanessa L. said...

ooh, that reminds me of Homer Simpson looking at a list of Krusty Burger locations and upon seeing that there are some in New Mexico, says exactly the first quote you provide above.

Yeah, i think my point was that i could care less about any debate between NYC and LA, because i think both places are overrated and think way too highly of themselves in contrast to the rest of the USA.

by the way, i have been to your state and it is a wonderful place! i hope to visit again some time.