Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Jesus Wouldn't Do

I know I'm an atheist, so I might be way off base here, but I'm going to go ahead and make the assumption that the Teabaggers in this video, like every other Teabagger I've met or heard of, are God-loving Christians.

Jesus said "Blessed are the meek," not "Blessed are the red-faced and screaming." Jesus healed the sick and infirm, he didn't threaten and humiliate them. Jesus said the best way to get into the kingdom of heaven was to sell all of your possessions and give the money to the poor, not to greedily hang on to every last dime while people are dying around you for lack of what you take for granted.

I seriously recommend these people go home and read about Jesus for awhile.

People, often these same Teabagger people, usually say, "We are a Christian nation, with Christian values," but either I'm confused as to the true nature of Christian values or these people are acting in a seriously fucking un-American way. (Or, at least, what should be an un-American way, but you know, despite everything I somehow manage to retain a mild patriotism about my country.)

Or, who knows, I shouldn't assume, maybe they're another religion. In which case I'm pretty sure they should also go home and study for awhile, because I'm not familiar with any religion that advocates behavior of this nature.

Maybe they're atheists like me. In which case they should seriously shut the fuck up because they're making me look bad.

Although bully for the guy wearing the baby.

The guy in the video has a pretty eloquent response.

This health reform bill is a universe away from perfect, or even good. It's not even really health-care reform but health-insurance reform, and a pretty weak attempt at that, even. It's a step, though. At least it would show that we're willing to take some action. I hope it passes, and that the result is as Bob in the video says, more families crying with happiness at good outcomes than crying out of sadness and worry.


Daver said...

Yea, when I saw those assholes mess with this dude I wondered about the state of America. There seems to be so much hatred coming from the other side and I believe that much of that is coming from the Glen Becks. Where or how far are we going to get as a country with hostility towards the common man?

DaisyDeadhead said...

There was this "conservative Bible" meme on Twitter, with a rewrite of Bible verses, and we had a field day. My own verse was re-Tweeted a bunch, I'm proud to say: "The last shall remain last, suckers!"

But really, in answer to your question: this country was unduly influenced by puritan Christianity, which is Calvinist. Calvinism's emphasis is on BELIEF and what you THINK; one must believe they are saved, John 3:16 uber alles, etc. ... their Christianity is NOT about what you DO. Because of that, there seems to be this over-riding sentiment among American Christians that if you just THINK RIGHT and BELIEVE, that is being a good Christian and that's all that is required. In fact, when I once jokingly blurted out that I donated blood to stay out of purgatory (which happens to be the truth) I got a whole roomful of southern Calvinists very upset with me, as if donating blood meant a goddamn thing. I think its pertinent none of them donated blood and therefore became especially defensive when I tied it to faith. FAITH ISN'T ABOUT WHAT YOU DO, they said, in unison. I stood my ground, but they were actually MAD AT ME for suggesting such a thing.

The counter-reformation criticism is that this idea (Sola Fide)
reduces salvation to what one chooses to believe, thus, one has in fact saved themselves, Jesus has not saved you by what He did 2000 yrs ago. This is why Hilaire Belloc thought Calvinism was a heresy.

BTW, I got a cool atheist argument going on at my place, featuring an ex-Yippie old friend (now working for Microsoft!) vs. the redoubtable Snowdrop Explodes... feel free to come over and jump in! Love ya.