Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Al Gore, the last Democratic spine standing

Al Gore, who is starting to become my hero, has given the loudest denouncement of Trent Lott's pro-segregationist Freudian slip that I've heard outside the blogosphere.

"It is not a small thing ... for one of the half dozen most prominent political leaders in America to say that our problems are caused by integration and that we should have had a segregationist candidate. That is divisive and it is divisive along racial lines. That's the definition of a racist comment," Gore said.

Joe Conason talks about Al Gore's courage in denouncing Lott.

Dec. 10, 2002 | Gore's moral victory
Al Gore proved his moral courage yesterday. He didn't hesitate to say that he opposed Trent Lott's racist speech, that Lott had to withdraw those remarks, and that if Lott failed to do so, the Senate should censure the Republican leader.

Check the Daily Howler (which is quickly becoming a daily read) for the attention Lott's creepy remarks have gotten from the "liberal media".

Surely—given the corps’ liberal bias—the strange remarks were widely flogged. Sorry. On Saturday morning, the Washington Post was the nation’s only paper to prepare a report about what Lott said. (The Chicago Tribune ran the Post report.) And on Sunday, while Lott was hammered on Meet the Press and Late Edition, the all-stars over at Fox News Sunday forgot to mention his comments. Does Fox report, letting us decide? According to Nexis, Senator Lott’s peculiar remarks have never been mentioned on Fox.

Also, check out their archives for more info on the "War on Gore".

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