Thursday, January 09, 2003

Public Service Non-Sequitor

The anti-drug campaign has gone from bad to worse. First, capatilizing on America's new fear of terrorism, they release the ads that inspire Arianna Huffington's Detroit Project (see below post). Then, there's the "genius" drugs-are-illegal-because-you-shouldn't-do-them-because-they're-illegal circular logic. Now, via Tapped I find they have released an ad that's so ridiculous that I really think whoever made it is trying to bring the Bush Administration down from the inside: Two stoners are sitting around saying stupid pothead things, when one of them pulls out a gun and kills the other one.

They are honestly trying to say that guns don't kill people, sitting around and getting stoned kills people?

Look, people are going to do drugs. They are going to drink and smoke cigarettes. They've been doing it since the dawn of civilization. No amount of "morality laws" are going to keep people from doing things that make them feel good but are bad for them. However, if the hypothetical gun the hypothetical stoners were playing with had been kept in a locked drawer, or had a safety lock on it, perhaps the hypothetical tragedy could have been prevented.

Or, take the raver girl high on ecstacy in the "Flash Forward" ad. Perhaps if she'd had a "chill room" to go to, her outcome would have been different.

But chill rooms and gun locks aren't scary, guilt-ridden "solutions" that make you feel bad about yourself, or solutions that at best slap a band-aid on the festering wound of drug use in this country. If this is how they're handling the War on Drugs, I'm terrified about their handling of the War on Terror.

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