Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Well Duh...

Appointed Reporter Says Clones Could Be Hoax

Usually, scientific claims are accompanied by some kind of proof, and are submitted to experts for review by peers of the researchers before the results are made public, most often through publication in scientific journals.


But the Raelian claims bypassed this process, hitting television screens and newspapers at the height of the Christmas and New Year holidays — when news is often scarce.

I find it incredibly stupid and annoying that "the media" has decided that this alien-cult-cloned-baby nonsense is actually a story, and I find their astonishment that the whole thing may be *gasp* a hoax! more than a little amusing. But the fact that I am expected to believe news is scarce right now is insulting to my intelligence. How about this story, or this, or this? All of these are from ABC News's own website. Do they really think Americans all want their news to look like this?

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