Friday, September 26, 2003

Natalie Maines, I love you

I hereby appoint the Dixie Chicks the first bluegrass plucky punk girls.

Read this letter, via Eschaton.


Oh, I have to go. Keith and Mick are in the limo waiting for me. The five of us have started getting together every Tuesday night. I must tell you, Keith is really getting into his fiddle lessons with Martie. He can already play “Faded Love”. And Mick, well he gets faster at “Dueling Banjos” with Emily every week. I think they are really going to blow everyone away at the rock and roll family reunion next week. But, it's not just about them learning from us. Nope, they help me every week think up new controversial "rock and roll" things to say. Thanks guys…you’re the greatest!

Love, Natalie

PS. I will also be posting this in German so if you don't like what I really said you can just translate it into what suits your agenda.

I wish I had written that!

Now, enough of you, blog, I must study for my psych test.

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