Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Two big days in one...

Today is making me nervously excited for two reasons.

One, today is my first day back at school in several years. I'm having sort of a quarter-life crisis (quote me earlier..."In five years...I'll be thirty!" Quite a humorous moment, really) and am afraid I will stand out amongst the fresh-faced 19 year olds straight out of high school. And yet I've been waiting for today to happen all year, and can't believe it's finally happening!

Second, today is opening day for a new metablog project I've been participating in, Open Source Politics. There's alot of good talent from all over the lefty blogosphere, so go take a look. And especially notice me in the SocialEyes section.

On a semi-side note, I've updated the blogroll again with scads of new links. Go read!

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