Friday, January 16, 2004

Because you can't f*cking say that sh*t...

I was reminded of a childhood memory today.

When I was younger, my father used to play in a softball team. One afternoon, after a particularly grueling game in which they lost in the last moments, he came home from the field, threw down his cleats and said "Man, that really sucks!"

To which my mother replied, "Don't f*cking use language like that in front of the kids! I don't want them to pick up that sh*t!"

Now where's the logic in that? Don't ask me. Italian women have tempers.

I believe the conservatives who attacked Margaret Cho for her use of profanity during the Bush in 30 seconds awards ceremony the other night are using the same strange logic. How can you possibly claim that someone is wrong for using profanity in an email that is laced with some of the worst, most racist, disgusting, sexist, lewd, misspelled words I've read in print in awhile? Read here for some examples.

They sound like Ann Coulter! Oh, wait, I get it now.

Margaret Cho's blog is one I have been reading off and on for awhile now. I think after this I'll blogroll it permanently.

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