Sunday, January 11, 2004

Every child left behind...or...No child left at all

Via Mad Prophet, the best looking Anarcho-Syndicalist on the web (but I do kind of miss the mohawk) I find that 60 Minutes II is doing a report on the “Texas Miracle,” and what a load of crap it was.

All in all, 463 kids left Sharpstown High School that year – for a variety of reasons. The school reported zero dropouts, but dozens of the students did just that. School officials hid that fact by classifying, or coding them as leaving for acceptable reasons: transferring to another school, or returning to their native country.

“That’s how you get to zero dropouts. By assigning codes that say, ‘Well, this student, you know, went to another school. He did this or that.’ And basically, all 463 students disappeared. And the school reported zero dropouts for the year,” says Kimball. “They were not counted as dropouts, so the school had an outstanding record.”

Yet another hint to Democratic Presidential Candidates...this would make a great campaign ad!

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