Sunday, September 26, 2004


I cannot applaud this effort enough. To recognize the fact that a multitude of women have had abortions without shame or suffering, to realize that the availability of abortion has made so many lives better is to remove from it the stigma of something bad, tragic, or devastating. Abortion in this country has allowed women to lead better lives. To force a woman to be pregnant when she does not want to be is as limiting as wrapping her in a burqa and locking her away.

I have never had an abortion, but I have several friends and family members who have. These women are not heartless, selfish feminists or over-sexed harlots. These are normal human beings who seek what men take for granted: control over their reproductive systems. The more we can recognize the truth about abortion, that it happens to our mothers and daughters and sisters and friends, the harder it will be for old white men to take this right away from us and put us back where they think we belong.
Photograph by Ali Price. Please don't sue me!

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