Monday, September 27, 2004

No Kidding, Capitan Obvious...

Colin Powell emboldens the enemy and states what is painfully obvious to anyone who hasn't been smoking something.
WASHINGTON - Secretary of State Colin Powell sees the situation in Iraq "getting worse" as planned elections approach, and the top U.S. military commander for Iraq says he expects more violence ahead.

Their comments Sunday followed a week in which President Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi spoke optimistically about the situation despite the beheadings of two more Americans and the deaths of dozens of people in car bombings.
Iraq is getting worse. Yes, we know that. Very good, Colin. Now you get a lollipop.

Powell then goes on to spew the same old hoary chestnuts about terrorists hating freedom.
"It's getting worse," he said on ABC's "This Week." "They are determined to disrupt the election. They do not want the Iraqi people to vote for their own leaders in a free, democratic election."
Uh huh. Could it possibly be that the election is being hosted by the invaders who destroyed their homes, killed their families, and otherwise ruined their lives?

Naw, they just hate us for our freedom.

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