Saturday, October 02, 2004


I guess it speaks to the level of which my faith in others, specifically other Americans, has fallen that I'm shocked neither by these photos nor the conduct of the racist fanatics trolling the comments here.

Of course we killed innocent people. If you posted all the pictures of innocent people the American government is responsible for killing you'd need infinite bandwidth. From Asia to Africa to South America, the United States has had a hand, often indirectly but very often directly, in the deaths of a lot of innocent people who committed the crime of being born in a particular place.

And of course people are going to have knee-jerk, self-centered, hateful racist reactions. Historically, it's what people do best. It no longer surprises me to hear people lump together all Arabs, even all Muslims into one 'enemy.' Lord knows, Bush's heavy-handed (a euphemism, I know) policies have allowed al-Qaida to do the same to us. In fact, Bush has united different groups who used to hate each other. Now they all just hate us.

If Bush wins re-election, I'm moving to Canada. If I can convince Brian to stand the cold.

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