Monday, October 11, 2004


Let's hope that some good can come out of the death of Christopher Reeve, who always seemed to me like a really nice guy, even before he was paralyzed, and more attention will be brought to the possibilities of stem cell research in healing spinal cord injuries.
Reeve died Sunday of complications from an infection caused by a bedsore. He went into cardiac arrest Saturday, while at his Pound Ridge home, then fell into a coma and died Sunday at a hospital surrounded by his family, his publicist said.

His advocacy for stem cell research helped it emerge as a major campaign issue between President Bush (news - web sites) and Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites). His name was even mentioned by Kerry during the second presidential debate on Friday.
Stem cells might have saved his life. Stem cells, taken from abandoned frozen embryos that rich people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars creating instead of just adopting a baby, I might add.

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