Thursday, April 14, 2005

Murder is murder

What sort of a hypocritical bastard makes this kind of statement?
"Because I believe that abortion is murder, I also believe that force is justified ... in an attempt to stop it," he said in a statement handed out by his lawyers after he entered his pleas in back-to-back court appearances, first in Birmingham, Ala., in the morning, then in Atlanta in the afternoon.

Rudolph, 38, worked out a plea bargain that will spare him from the death penalty. He will get four consecutive life sentences without parole for the four blasts across the South that killed two people and wounded more than 120 others.
Hey, asshole, guess what else is just like murder? Murder is!

The fact that this man was considered some sort of folk hero by those in the deep south makes me wonder whether or not the culture there is as backwards as that of Hamas, or the extremist settlers in the Occupied Territories, or the Talibanis and Wahabbis who twist their religion to oppress 50 percent of the population, or of African societies who mutilate the genitals of little girls with dull razors, or genocidal maniacs in Rawanda, or countless other examples that we like to talk about here in the United States.

America grows its own brand of terrorism. And its own brand of cultural insurgency that is okay with violence. The people who wore Eric Rudolph T-shirts are as evil to me as those who honor suicide bombers as 'martyrs.' Maybe even more so, because at least the Palestinians have an honest beef. What did gay people or women seeking their right to full medical care ever do to Eric Rudolph?

Tsch. It really really burns me up inside.

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