Sunday, April 29, 2007

But does it affect national security?

A toxic algal bloom caused by unusually warm water off the coast of California is killing marine life.
LOS ANGELES - Rescuers worked Saturday to save more dead and dying dolphins and sea lions that have washed up on Southern California beaches, believed poisoned by a naturally occurring toxic acid.

A bloom of ocean algae that produces domoic acid may be responsible for killing or sickening dozens of the sea mammals, including birds, in recent weeks, environmentalists said.

...In the past week, 40 birds have been taken to the International Bird Rescue Center in San Pedro with symptoms of domoic acid poisoning, which attacks the brain and can cause seizures.

In previous seasons, the center might see seven birds a week, director Jay Holcomb said.

The algae population goes through an annual increase as ocean waters warm, but biologists say this year's bloom is especially early and extensive.
This isn't bad enough to make us care about global warming? No, we need national security to be affected.
NEW YORK - Growing concern surrounds a new national security threat, an insidious trend that could foster terrorism worldwide and draw our armed forces into messy regional conflicts in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

No, it isn't nuclear proliferation. Nor is it a new brand of religious fundamentalism.

It's global warming.
Not that it's not true, but one would hope all the other reasons to combat global warming would suffice. But know, it has to be something that makes the terrorists come get us before we pay any attention.

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