Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So, back in the day, two call centers ago, I used to work with this nice guy named Adil. He was super polite, smart, funny, good at his job, etc. I didn't know him well. I'd kind of assumed he was Jamaican from his love of reggae.

One day Adil didn't show up for work. Rumor had it that one of the asshole supervisors (well, they were all assholes at *that* call center) had noticed a minor screwup in his paperwork and reported him to immigration. Apparently the asshole supervisor had thought it hilarious.

Well, it's years later and I'm idly browsing some blogs, and on Duke City Fix I find that Adil is actually Sudanese, and that he is living in America with his wife and child in order to escape genocide and war, and that he has spent nearly a year *in fucking jail* for the minor screwup in his paperwork.

But most importantly, he is now freed.

Good luck, Adil. I hope you get to stay with your wife and son.

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