Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blog begging.

So eh, I'm having a little trouble making the old ends meet, being still unemployed and all.

So I'll just mention, without expectation, that there are many cool items for sale at the following locations.

The Viking Fish Store*.
The Philosopher's Union Store.
The Taos Aelthing Store.

*Which, apropos of recent discussions elsewhere, I feel compelled to explain is meant as a historical joke, and not as any disrespect to Christianity.


Joe said...


Vanessa said...

Uh, hi.

antiprincess said...

this Taos Aelthing thing sounds WAY cool, man. did you actually go to it, or did you just happen to design the genius t-shirt and they liked it??

Vanessa said...

My husband, our two friends, and I are kind of the founders.

We go every year! Check the pictures!


My husband designed the t-shirts. They are pretty genius.

antiprincess said...


my husband thinks it's a great idea...he's practicing his target-rock throwing...

Vanessa said...

Awesome. But you'll have to warn him that's my husband's best event.

I, for one, am determined to win the drinking contest this year.

antiprincess said...

heh...I concede ahead of time - I will be out of practice by the time the Aelthing comes around again...

do you think it would be okay if we brought the baby, if he's around? (he might not be born yet, depending on when the Aelthing is.) is it a non-child environment?

how garb-y do people normally get?

where do people sleep?

what kind of food do we bring?

how much does it cost?

where did you get this GREAT idea?

(oh, gosh. I'm sorry. I derailed the thread.)

antiprincess said...

But you'll have to warn him that's my husband's best event.

guess we'll have to let them work it out for themselves. as long as they're not throwing rocks AT EACH OTHER I'm sure they'll be fine.

Vanessa said...

Yeah, the year we first had the drinking contest I was pregnant. It was annoying, especially since the drinking contest was *my idea*.

Babies are definitely cool, as I brought mine last year, but toddlers might be difficult to keep track of and out of the way of flying axes/spears (this year, Abbie will be spending competition day at Grandma's). There's no childcare or anything, but the people are cool and non-baby haters.

Garb-iness is entirely up to you, but encouraged. We're not sticklers for period accuracy or anything. Just fun. Think "barbarian." Weaponry is a plus. But if you're not into that angle that's cool, too. I myself like to go all out, but that's just my sparkle nature. But it's very, very cold (although last year was the first time we had a lot of snow), so you'd want to keep that in mind.

People sleep in the big blue barn thing in the pictures. There's beds, and usually a few people wind up on the floor with sleeping bags. Or you could arrange for a room in the adjoining Bed-and-Breakfast.

The cost - depends on how our funds look that year, and how much people are able to give. You'd want to fill out an application here, so the Royal Council (or, my husband and our two friends) can "asses" you. Hint - the more you make it sound like the narrator from "Conan: The Barbarian," the better.

As for the idea, the viking theme I *think* came from a viking-themed party our friend threw (we were always throwing theme parties). The festival idea I think came from our friend's desire to unite his friends from college in Albuquerque and his friends from law school at Tulane.

Oh, and it's always the first weekend of February.

Oh, you know, I could have just given you this link.

Which is also by my husband. it's a free geocities site, so sorry about the pop-up thingie.