Tuesday, April 22, 2008

People I'll probably Never Know

My Grandmother's Family in Cuba

My grandmother and her family in Cuba.


belledame222 said...


Daisy said...

Very nice! And that child is adorable!!!! (((cutie))))

(As I age, I find I am pathologically UNABLE to REFRAIN from commenting on cat/dog/children/happy lovers/old people photos... and you have two of those!)

Daisy said...

Vanessa, is your Cuban family Catholic? Do they practice?

Caribbean Christianity, mixed with Santeria, etc = one of my favorite morphs of Catholicism! Very similar to tarot, Voodoo, lots of archetypes, etc.

(I ask because I see two, maybe three, religious medals.)

Vanessa said...

OMG, they are the Catholic-est!

My grandmother's house in Miami has a huge floor-to-ceiling image of the Madonna and Child with giant plastic pink rosary beads the size of your head draped across it.

I too like the Caribbean Catholicism, but my favorite Christian synchretism has to be the John Frum people. It's absolutely fascinating, as a student of cultural anthropology, to study a religion whose origin you can examine so closely.

Goody said...

Cargo cults and Santeria-excellent. You can't stop blogging, no one else has comment threads mentioning John Frum.

In an anthro aside:

My husband is in the other room playing with the kid and I hear him saying (about cave paintings at Altimira):

That kid probably got in trouble for drawing on the walls...(calling to me) hey, we should make a spear-thrower!"

If you hear about an atl atl accident in rural Nebraska, you'll know who it was.

Your little cousin is too cute. BTW, belated birthday wishes.