Saturday, April 19, 2008

Things You Learn About Your Cat

The things you learn about your cat while puttering around your house late at night...(Hey! Look ma! Another content-free post!)

hubcap toilet 001

Apparently, my cat drinks out of the toilet. I had no idea, I've never seen him do this before.

hubcap toilet 002

And if you catch him at it, he grows ANGRY and shoots LASERS from his EYES! Omg!


cripchick said...

when i saw the first picture i thought your cat was hung over hehe
: )

CrackerLilo said...


You have no idea how much procrastination my cats have enabled.

belledame222 said...

aoh! cat! get out of there! silly kitty

(yay tux!)

Vanessa said...

Hubcap is my Junkyard Cat. You should have seen him the time he got butt-dreadlocks and we had to shave his ass!

Daisy said...

Yes, I have one that does that... interesting, he also gets the butt dreadlocks.


Daver said...

Of course hubcap would drink out of the toilet! If he was a human he would be a plumber!