Saturday, May 03, 2008

Okay, so

It's heading into finals week, and I might be under a pile of books for awhile.

Mostly I'm wishing it would all just be over soon. I'm burned out on school, blogging, socializing, et al.

Mostly I just want to go see Iron Man, play some video games, and not be a responsible adult. Which is probably some sort of dumb 1/3 life crisis I'm having. It's those college kids, they're starting to rub off on me.

But really, it looks kind of badass, no?

(Also, it kind of makes you realize how badass and ahead of their time Black Sabbath was, yeah?)

Also there's this movie coming out soon, which I want to watch right now please please please.

But, you know, in a weird way, one of the enjoyable things about being an adult is fondly and wistfully wishing for the days when you weren't. And then do all the stuff you're supposed to do anyway.

Aaaanyway, I'll probably be scarce(r that usual) until the semester's over.

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