Sunday, May 04, 2008

One more thing.

While we're on the subject of movies, this Mike Myers in brownface?

Because, dude, that is not okay. HELLO!!! PEOPLE!!! THIS TYPE OF THING IS NOT OKAY!!!


CrackerLilo said...

Yeah, and there's a movie coming out where Robert Downey Jr.'s in blackface, too. I can't believe all this toxic shit's coming back.

Vanessa said...

Really? wtf.

I mean, wrt the Mike Myers thing, a lot of the jokes in the trailer could be funny (especially "Gee, You Are You", but it's not like there aren't any Indian actors who could have done the same part!

Maegan la Mala said...

I'm prepping myself to hear lots of: "oh but it's a joke. Why do you make everything racist? Don't you have a sense of humor?"

Anonymous said...

In the Downey movie, he plays an actor who does blackface for a part. My sense based on what I've read is that he's portrayed as a doofus (and maybe a racist) for doing so.

The Myers movie is based on a character he's been workshopping for a while. It's only being made because he's playing the part.