Saturday, September 20, 2008


Still busy with school and life, but wanted to point this out.

During the next few weeks I'm sure we'll see more of this. Namely, articles that dance a veritable Fandango in order to avoid using the term "racism" to explain why some white people just can't bring themselves to vote for Barack Obama.

In this one article alone we have "Racial views," "Deep-seated racial misgivings," "negative views toward blacks," "racial attitudes," "the racial question," and "racial stereotyping." While someone quoted in the article does make a reference to "bigots," not once does the writer of the article call white people who refuse to vote for Obama because he's black what they are: racists.

Calling white people racists still remains a bigger insult against white people than being a racist against black people is an insult to black people.

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