Saturday, September 06, 2008

In which I have a small breakdown while watching video footage on the internet.

Can you do a mostly-video link roundup? Because I have some Franz Boas to read, and then some Soviet History to read (and, let me tell you, hehe, the parallels suggest themselves), and then some math to do. So I'll mostly let the people involved speak for themselves.

As usual The Daily Show says what I'm thinking. (Well, except for the part where Mike Huckabee stretches his scrotum into the shape of a sailboat. I wasn't thinking that. Before.) Um. Mitt Romney complaining about 'Eastern Elites?' Weren't you governor of Massachusetts? Rudy Giuliani sarcastically talking about cosmopolitan cities? Really? Weren't you the mayor of New Fucking York?

Especially grating is the part where Rudy Giuliani yuks it up over Obama being a community organizer (all the way at the end). How disgusting. Bwahaha! He tried to make his community better! Hi-larious!

I think I'll let Barack Obama take this one, because my response would be more along the lines of telling Rudy to fuck himself with something hard and sandpapery.

I mean seriously. How can you on the one hand mock the work done within a community by someone just out of college, and then have your nominee's acceptance speech call for people to "go out and fight" on the other? Fight for what? Against whom? Certainly not in any way that involves organizing at the community level, yuk yuk yuk. Because that would be completely ridiculous.

What do you think community organizers do, exactly?

How do your heads not fucking explode with the cognitive dissonance all the time? Does practicing all that doublethink burn a lot of calories? What the hell is wrong with you people?

I'm sorry, but if you're going to be president of the United States, you're president of the entire United States. Including the East Coast and San Francisco. I'm sorry that all of us can't live in towns small enough/are rich enough to run a campaign for mayor. Some of us have to resort to community organization. Aren't we hilarious?

Also, what brownfemipower said. And what Anxious Black Woman said.


Goody said...

Actually, the fact that anthro students are still reading Boas sort of makes my head want to explode;)

The bits about community organising and Eastern elites were pretty amazing in the chutzpah department. Still, nothing could be worse than all the USA! chanting and fist waving/foot-stomping. It really scares the shit out of me.

Vanessa said...

All the good Boasian historical particularism makes me want to overanalize everything.

The USA! USA! bit made me think of Homer Simpson when he gets excited and chants the same thing.