Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This is how I feel this morning.

I feel cracked open.

To continue the Les Miz theme from yesterday:

I know Barack Obama is a politician and like any politician he'll fuck something up in no time or he'll pander to the center or be otherwise disappointing somehow.

But this morning, in a country founded on the unwilling blood and muscle of my people, Barack Hussein Obama (because, that middle name is nothing to be ashamed of) was elected president.

It's a good feeling. I think I'll just bask in that glow for awhile.

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Daisy said...

Yeah, they all fuck up eventually, but history is the true test. Jimmy Carter looks better and better as time goes on; at the time, he was considered the ultimate fuck-up. But you know, he didn't get us into an interminable war, and he had plenty of opportunities. Comparing him to Shrub now, he looks like Winston fucking Churchill.