Tuesday, November 04, 2008

YouTubing, Super Mood-Swing Tuesday Edition

I'm a weird weepy nervous wreck today. Come, cathart with me!

This, via Dw3t-Hthr probably would have made more sense if I posted it yesterday.

Also this is very cute.

This made me cry.

This is an official Obama video, but it still made me cry.

Finally, children explain your civil duty to you, some with surprising intelligence and some with total cuteness.

John Stewart said on The Daily Show last night that if Obama wins today, it's a "show-not-tell" moment. As in, instead of having to tell your kids, "Oh yeah, you can be President if you want to," African-Americans (and others) can now see that for themselves.

Gah. Here's to hoping, folks, here's to hoping.

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