Monday, March 09, 2009

Music history test tonight

I really don't have a head for this stuff. I don't know my ostinato from my oratorio, my concertos from my cantatas.

In honor of my lackluster effort in studying for this, here's some of the music pieces I'm supposed to know.

Dido's Lament, sung by Jessye Norman. This brought me to tears when we listened to it in class. I'm such a girl.

Vivaldi's Spring, which makes me think of the scene in every rom-com ever made where they girl is about to marry the wrong guy at the beginning of the movie, and this is the music they have playing at the wedding.

Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik, which makes me think of foofy, beautiful people in wigs and amazing clothes taking way too long getting ready for a fun night out partying.

I also need to know some Bach, whom I find way too organized. Fugues trigger my latent OCD. Wish me luck.

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