Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hey there

Poor old neglected blogger, a relic of my life in the aughts. I've been posting over at tumblr now, if you're interested. I like the social networking aspects of tumblr, but I must say I think blogger is better at long-form, ranty style posts. And I definitely feel a big one coming on.

Stay tuned.

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DaisyDeadhead said...

It must be an age thing, because I can't even figure out how to READ tumblr, much less post on it. I've been upset that blogging is going the way of this newfangled thing I can't figure out, but I guess it was inevitable. (sigh)

I see tumblr as "the line" between young and old in the digital age. I know if *I* don't get it, after 4 years of active blogging, most other people my age probably don't either.

Thus, tumblr is extremely age-segregated, the way Facebook used to be racially segregrated...