Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Real Americans: A Rant.

So the president released his birth certificate. The extra-special long-form one that even Orly Taitz wanted him to release. Unfortunately, this will not please his "critics" who don't think he's American enough to be president because, well, he's still black.

That's right, I said it. The only reason this is happening to Obama - wait, no, let me not use the passive voice - the only reason the "birthers" are assailing Obama's parentage is because he is black, and they are racists. Can we talk about that, please? Can that fact be on the nightly news?

And I can't believe he actually had a press conference on this. Seriously, look.

(added: transcript here)

I would have a billion times more respect for Obama, politics, and America in general if the current cultural atmosphere had been such that the president could have spoken plainly here, and said, "We are only talking about this because I am black and American society is still deeply racist." I recognize why he couldn't say this, I guess. I just wish it could have happened.

These people, the "birthers" are so transparent you'd think they would be embarrassed if they could just hear themselves. To quote a friend on Facebook, psychologically, it's fascinating. It's also textbook. A first year psych student could make up something more complex. They're like the racism version of mustachioed villains from a bad silent movie melodrama.

The conspiracy talk around his mother is also interesting/not surprising at all to me. She's a slut who posed nude and the Kenyan guy probably isn't even the father.
It seems altogether possible that the progressive and adventurous 17 year-old Dunham was impregnated by a black man while the family was still living in the Seattle area.
White women who fuck black men: "adventurous" (read: slutty) race traitors who will fuck anyone.

These people, they sound like cartoons.

Now it only took about 2.5 seconds for a new conspiracy to form. Before the press conference above even began, Donald Trump (the "carnival barker" I believe the president was talking about) now wants to see Obama's school records, because the only way a black person could have gotten into Harvard is because white people let him in through the pity of affirmative action.

That's rich, considering the legacy Yalie C student who was our last president. But I forget, Bush was a white guy, and clearly an American Success Story of Pulling One's Self Up By The Bootstraps after some Youthful Mistakes.

Silly me.

I really hope people in the media call it like it is now - people think Obama is not American enough because he's black and has a "funny" name. No amount of documentation he releases will change that. Let's please stop using euphemisms like "cultural unease" to describe the reasons why the GOP base doesn't like Obama.

There are plenty of reasons not to like Obama, ones I even agree with. But this nonsense? It's racism, pure and simple. American society is so deeply racist not even getting elected president is enough to make you immune.

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