Saturday, October 25, 2003

Double Standard!

I dare anybody to explain this situation to me in a way that makes sense without using the word "race." Please.

Shoshana Johnson, a soldier from the exact same unit as America's sweetheart Jessica Lynch, who was also wounded in combat, is recieving a drastically lower amount of disability payment than Lynch is.

a few days ago, military brass informed her that [johsnon] would receive a 30 percent disability benefit for her injuries. lynch, who is white, was discharged in august and will receive an 80 percent disability benefit.

the difference amounts to $600 or $700 a month in payments, and that is causing johnson and her family to speak out.

Johnson is black, Lynch is white.

Makes you go Hmmmmmm...

Via skippy the bush kangaroo, who did in fact coin the term blogtopia.

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