Saturday, October 25, 2003

She should have got the kind that comes with a lock and key...

Now they're expelling students for what they write in their diary...their diary.

Rachel wrote the story in her personal journal and was showing it to a classmate. Her art teacher noticed, confiscated it and turned it over to school officials the next day.

"It was a story about a girl who falls asleep in class, dreams she kills her math teacher, then wakes up and nothing happens," she said.

Rachel was suspended her for 10 days for "inappropriate writings that describe the threat of bodily harm toward a school employee," school system spokeswoman Susan Hale told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and she was expelled after a hearing her father described as a travesty.

I am willing to bet that every last one of us wrote about horrible things in their high school diaries. I would understand if they brought in this kid's father to discuss it or something, but to expel her? Who is that helping? Also, her diary has not yet been returned. What does that teach this girl? What lesson is she supposed to learn from this experience? That even her private thoughts are subject to punishment?

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