Saturday, March 13, 2004

Blogger Round-up

Okay, just to get myself warmed up, here's some regurgiblogging...

Alas, A Blog tells of a sad yet fascinating case involving c-section birth. A woman is being charged with murder after refusing to undergo a c-section to save the life of her unborn children. Allegedly, she refused because she did not want to have a scar, which seems ridiculous as she apparenly has had two prior c-sections.

Childbirth has always been a scary idea for me, and if I was told I was going to opened from "breastbone to pubic bone," as this woman was, I would probably freak out too. Add in the possibility that this woman might have been suffering from mental illness, and the charge of murder seems ridiculous to me.

Body and Soul also has a post on this issue.

In my (admittedly paranoid) opinion, the threat of death hovers around childbirth. Women used to die in childbirth in huge numbers, and although now with modern medicine the threat is greatly lessened it is still present.

Hesiod reports Judge Roy Moore, of the really ugly Ten Commandments momument fame, is thinking of running for president on a third-party ticket.

I, for one, think that it's only fair to let the Republicans get their share of spoilerage.

skippy has a link to two polls showing Karl Rove is *not* a genius. The shameless whoring of the 9/11 imagery has apparently really pissed people off.

And finally, Al-Muhajabah wonders if it's al-Qaida or Basque separatists responsible for the horrible, murderous act of terrorism in Spain this week.

There's that for now. I'm just getting warmed up!

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