Friday, March 19, 2004

Sweatshop Sweatshirts

Showing their typial penchant for hypocrisy in all its forms, the Bush Administration sold sweatshirts imported from Burma on their official re-election website.

Burma (or Myanmar, as it is now called), is known for the horrible conditions of their sweatshops. Bush himself signed into law forbidding importing goods manufactured there.

Bush last July signed into law the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act, saying "The United States will not waver from its commitment to the cause of democracy and human rights in Burma."

Violators of the import ban are subject to fines and jail, according to the U.S. Treasury Department.

Burmese textile workers earn as little as 7 cents per hour, according to the National Labor Committee, a human rights group.

No, irony isn't dead. It just smells funny.

The care labels on the clothing state they should only be 'machine washed cold,' proving once and for all that these colors do run after all.

(Link via Pandagon.)

**added** If you're interested in making sure the person who made your clothes made more that 7 cents an hour, check out No Sweat Apparel-100% Union-Made.

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