Saturday, March 13, 2004

Holy Crap. Even the guilty shouldn't be treated like this.

I'm a little astounded to read the stories of the British men recently released from Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay. First off, British authorities set them free after a mere 24 hours of questioning. It took them 24 hours to find out what it took us two years to discover. (Link via Cursor.)

What the hell is wrong with this country?

On top of that, the treatment described by one of the men is just unexcusable.

He alleged all the detainees were routinely assaulted, hooded, kept in so-called "stress positions" and held in solitary confinement for months. Detainees were also sexually assaulted by women to "break" them psychologically, he claimed.

Mr Harith also alleged they were forcibly injected with sedatives and other drugs.

Granted, the story then goes on to mention this man was reportedly paid £60,000 for telling his story, so that may discredit him a little.

But these are allegations I *hope* will not go uninvestigated. I don't care if they really were guilty, there is no reason a free society should be sexually assaulting or drugging their prisoners.

If we really believe in democracy and justice as American people, let's start acting like it.

Here's another story detailing the treatment of the Camp X-ray detainees. Let me warn you, this article has some pretty gross things in it, detailing some of the sexual assault committed against the prisoners. But especially creepy to me was this:

Describing medical treatment, Jamal said he knew of 11 men who had legs amputated and two who lost toes and fingers. He was told that the Americans had removed far more tissue than was necessary.

HE added: "The man in the cell next to me had frostbite in two fingers and two toes. He also had it in his big toe, but they didn't treat that for a year by which time they had to cut off much more than was needed.

"All the men who had lost limbs complained they would chop them off high up and not bother to try to save as much as possible."

This is disguisting. Where is the outrage in the American media? Are people that would be disgusted by this seriously in the minority???

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