Sunday, July 04, 2004

Does this look bad, or is it just me?

This seems a little ominous. The the 1st Battalion of the 509th Infantry, who have historically been playing the 'bad guy' in military exercises, are being deployed to war for real for the first time in 6 decades.
The Geronimoes are tasked with playing the "enemy" at the Army's Joint Readiness Training Center in Fort Polk, La., putting visiting infantry and special operations troops through their paces.

...The bad guys now have to switch sides. With the Army pressed to rotate more soldiers into Iraq, they have now turned to the 509th, which hasn't been deployed in 60 years. Two of the battalion's four companies, Alpha and Bravo, have been called up for duty in Iraq.

"I think the Army said, 'Hey that's the 509th — those are Geronimoes. They're a historic unit. They're a well-trained unit, a highly disciplined unit. We need somebody right now and those guys are ready,' " said Griffith.
This kind of creeps me out. If they're that desperate, then what's next?

If you're the wealthy son or daughter of a congressperson, then it might be time to start getting your draft dodge all worked out.

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