Saturday, July 17, 2004

God Hates Crabs.
The Slacktivist has some excellent ideas as to why some acts of 'abomination' are more abominable than others.
The folks over on the religious right cite Leviticus as evidence that homosexuals are an unclean "abomination," yet they have no problem eating at Red Lobster. What gives?
Since many observers have noted this apparent inconsistency (see, for example, I figured I would wade in to try to explain why it is that so many contemporary Christians reject gays while embracing shellfish.
Things like this have always been interesting to me because, as an athiest, I think everybody's just making it all up, but it's always seemed that the answer to alot of the world's problems is not less religion but rather more of it. 
Or, at least, more of it followed properly.  For example, suicide bombing wouldn't be much of a problem in the Middle East if the idea that suicide was evil were taken seriously.  Also, Christian fundamentalists wouldn't be such hate-filled bigots if they actually did the things Jesus wanted them to do.
Poor Jesus.  He must be spinning in his grave right now.
Just kidding.

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